Thursday, July 14, 2005

Karl Rove and Leakgate

I suspect the average American isn't paying much attention to Karl Rove -CIA leak story. Oh, sure, the lefties are salivating with every new revelation and the far right nutties are getting themselves into a frenzy and planning their counter attack on Wilson and his buddies. But the Soccer Moms and Nascar dads (and Starbuck's kids) of the world don't know Karl Rove from Karl's Jr. But on Capitol Hill this is topic A. The Rove story has become an obsession. You might as well shut down the federal government until this mess gets cleaned up.

Here's the take from Just Inside the Beltway.

We have a President and an Administration that are being less than forthcoming about an issue that could get them into some serious trouble. Scott McClellan looks like a deer in headlights in front of that podium as he does his best to not say something that might put him in jail. Bush isn't talking about it. Rove and Mehlman are coordinating a counter attach against Wilson. And has anyone seen Cheney lately?

Look, this is a classic Washington mini-scandal. You know, the kind that this city needs every once in while so that we can actualy have an interest in government. It may or may not go away and it may or may not lead to so serious problems for this Administration. But for now it's the juicy topic that is on everyone's mind and that's not going to change until there is some resolution.

Scandals are nothing new in Washington. The difference is that George Bush has prided himself on being a guy who is honest. Whether or not you agree with his decision, the American people are supposed to believe that he is telling the truth. Unfortunately for Bush, that reputation has taken some hits in recent months. His inability to explain Rove's involvement in the leak (and his promise to fire anyone involved) is only going to lead to more questions. You better reign this in Georgie-boy.

So what should we make of this story right now. Is it a case of a Presidential advisor simply doing his best to help a new publication forego printing an inacurate story. Or is this an example of a dishonest Adminsitration trying to save their hide with the hope that there is no smoking gun out there?

Well, perhaps that depends on what your definition of "is" is!


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