Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Who's Sweating on Capitol Hill?

YOU CAN BET that today's plea agreement by Jack Abramoff didn't go unnoticed on the Hill. The real question right now is what criminal activities did Abramoff admit to and who is he going to help implicate. Right about now there are probably at least a dozen or so members of Congress rocking in their desk chairs whispering, 'please don't be me; please don't be me; please don't be me.' As far as we know, only Bob Ney (R-OH) is mentioned in any documents, but one can only guess (and dare I say hope) that more names surface. If there is one thing that we like here at Just Inside the Beltway, it's the prospect of high profile government leaders walking out of their offices with coats over their heads and their hands cuffed behind their backs.

All right, perhaps that's too dramatic. It would be nice if it turned out that only a few of our elected leaders are corrupt. You can read about the drama for hours. Here are some links we nicked from our friends at TPM.

Read the official document right here.
Mike Crowley has a report
from the courthouse. He was there this morning as Abramoff entered his plea.
Of course, the
Washington Post has news and analysis.

Tired of this story? OK, JIB will try to stop obsessing over it. Perhaps we should spend more time discussing the Redskins -- the only local story that Washingtonians really care about. We'll get to that later.


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