Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Primary Buzz

IT LOOKS LIKE Cynthia 'Do You Know Who I Am' McKinney (D-GA) is losing her primary election to Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, the former DeKalb County commissioner. With about 51% reportng, Johnson is leading by a commanding 58%-42%. This must be a relief to the Capitol Hill Police.

And Bill 'What Do You Want For Dinner, Honey? I've Got Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dinners, or Frozen Cash' Livingston (D-LA) may have a primary on his hands afterall. State Senator Derrick Shepard has announced he will try to unseat Livingston, who is under a federal investigation for bribery, in the Democratic primary later this fall.

And finally, Tom Delay has decided to drop out of the race for his seat in Texas. You see, he had wanted to have his spot taken by another Republican, but Antonin Scalia (yes, that Scalia) refused to block a lower court's ruling that Delay must remain on the ballot. Delay says he hopes his withdrawal will enable him to focus on electing a Republican through a write-in campaign.

By the way, if you're keeping score at home, that makes three members of congress (Cunningham, DeLay, Ney) with close ties to Jack Abramoff who have resigned or will not seek re-election, and one (Ralph Reed) who lost in a primary bid to be the Lt. Govenor of Georgia.

Thanks for all the help, Jack.


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