Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Post Endorses...Ehrlich!

THE WASHINGTON POST endorsed incumbent Robert Ehrlich (R) for Governor in today's edition. This endorsement will come as a bit of a shock to many in Maryland -- particularly considering the tense relationship between the Post and Ehrlich over the past four years.

Here's the latest polling info on the Maryland race. Now we'll wait to see what impact the Post endorsement has on these numbers.

RCP Average: O'Malley (50.5%) Ehrlich (43%) -- O'Malley +7.5%
SurveyUSA: O'Malley (49%) Ehrlich (43%) -- O'Malley +6%
Rasmussen: O'Malley (53%) Ehrlich (45%) -- O'Malley +8%
USA Today/Gallup: O'Malley (53%) Ehrlich (41%) -- O'Malley +12%
Mason-Dixon: O'Malley (47%) Ehrlich (43%) -- O'Malley +4%

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