Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kickback Mountain

THIS IS TOO good not to post. There is humor here on so many levels. And how about that look from Abramoff? Priceless.
Meanwhile, have you noticed the mad dash on Capitol Hill to give back money that came from Abramoff. Even POTUS is getting in on the givebacks, announcing yesterday that he is returning $6000 in donations tied to Abramoff. The most interesting giveback comes from Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich, who is giving $16,000 worth of Abramoff money to a local charity in Baltimore. But what makes Ehrlich's case so interesting is his ties with a chap named Edward Miller. Miller was Ehrlich's Chief of Staff for a time. But of more interest is that fact that Miller was the registered agent for an outfit called Grassroots Interactive -- a paper company used by Abramoff to -- shall we say -- hold on extra money. Washington Post articles from the fall seem to indicate that Grassroots Interactive was funneled money from all kinds of people connected with Abramoff -- including TYCO! This connection is outlined in the Post and some interesting comments are available at TPM.

Yes, it's a bit tedious, but this onion has a lot of layers and most of them are yet to be peeled away.


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