Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bits & Pieces

AS FAR AS headlines go, this one is pretty good from the NY Post:

...'boost hicks in sticks.' How great is that? The Washington Post chimed in Saturday with this editorial.

Other interesting items for your weekend reading:

  • Tom Shales wonders why the only good new television shows are dramas. I wonder if he's ever seen 'The Office' or 'My Name is Earl'? Both are comedies and both have been nominated for best new show at the 22nd Annual Television Critics Association Awards. Lisa de Moraes has details in WaPo.
  • FP Magazine has an interesting list of failed states that attempts to identify the least stable (economically, politically, etc.) country in the world. If you had Sudan in your office pool, you win!
  • Very interesting series in the Washington Post called 'Being a Black Man.' On Friday, Michael Fletcher's installment called At the Corner of Progress and Peril.
  • The Washington Times says that Bush is beginning to circle the wagons in response to low pollin numbers.


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