Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hu's Coming for Dinner

JOSH BOLTON DIDN'T know the CoS job was going to be this difficult. This from a recent exchange between Bolton and POTUS:

GW: Some important people are coming for dinner tonight with the Chinese President, so let's make sure I have all the names straight.
JB: Good idea.
GW: Well, for starters, who's the President of China?
JB: Yes.
GW: I mean the fellow's name?
JB: Hu.
GW: The president of China.
JB: Hu.
GW: The guy that's the president...
JB: Hu is the President of China
GW: I'm asking YOU who's the president of China.
JB: That's the man's name.
GW: Who's name?
JB: Yes.
GW: Well go ahead and tell me.
JB: That's it.
GW: That's who?
JB: Yes.


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