Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Page Six and Pulitzers

THE PAGE SIX story at the NY Post may come across as low-brow and second-rate, but Howard Kurtz says even journalists at papers like the Washington Post have a little 'page six' in them when it comes to sources. Could it be?

Speaking of the Post, I have to at least acknowledge the four Pulitzer Prizes the Post won yesterday. In this space I predicted a Pulitzer for the Post's coverage of the Abramoff scandal -- and sure enough, Susan Schmidt, James V. Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith got one for their investigative reporting on the story. Other winners include Dan Priest, David Finkel, and Robin Givhan (yes, you can win a Pulitzer writing critically about fashion!). [More at WaPo]

The Washington Post arrives on my doorstep every morning, so I root for it to do well when these kinds of awards are handed out. I also root for the Post because I rip-off a lot of their stories for this blog! Just trying to be candid.


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