Sunday, March 12, 2006

HIgh School Basketall: The Business

IN RECENT WEEKS, both the Washington Post and the New York Times have been writing fascinating (disturbing?) articles about prep schools across the country that seem to be doing little more than churning out Division I college basketball players. As a former high school teacher, I've been following the stories with more than a little bit of interest. They're worth reading, if only because the issue of basketball 'prep schools' is going to be something that NCAA is going to have to take a serious look at in the near future. And it probably won't stop there. If the NCAA is unable to get control of this issue, there is no doubt that legislatures will step in.

Check out the stories in the Post and the Times. These links have links to other stories in the series. The story in the Post about GW's Omar Williams is especially good -- and controversial (you should read the letters to the editor the story generated!)

George Washington guard Omar Williams


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