Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Let Them Speak Freely...Except for Her"

YOU CAN'T HELP but love this story.

At a carefully scripted event on the south lawn of the White House this morning, something went terribly wrong: a heckler disrupted Chinese President Hu's speech several times, causing such a scene the she had to be carried away by uniformed secret service agents. This has got to be embarrassing for GW on several fronts:
  • First, there's no way Bush wanted to publicly embarrass the Chinese president, particularly during a speech that was being carried live on tv in both the US and China.
  • Second, the heckler began shouting things like: 'President Bush, stop him from killing'...'Stop persecuting the Falun Gong'...'President Hu, your days are numbered'. How ironic that the heckler chose to -- shall we say, speak up -- right after Bush finished his speech -- a speech in which he urged President HU to allow Chinese to 'speak freely.' There is no way you could make this stuff up.

I know this isn't necessarily anyone's fault over at the WH, but someone's going to have to explain how this heckler got into the ceremony. Hey, at least Scott McClellan won't have to do it.

Watch NBC video footage.


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