Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Bush-Clinton Doctrine on Negotiating with Nuclear Powers?

AS PRESIDENT BUSH visited with members of the new Iraqi government today, I was struck by the fact that POTUS was probably only a couple hundred miles from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Any chance AF1 took a short detour to Tehran for some nuclear (or is it nucular) talks with the Iranian Pres?

I doubt it, but it's worth noting that as Bush contemplates the possibility of nonproliferation talks with Iran, he is running some of the same risks he said the Clinton administration took in their approach to North Korea. Does anyone else see this? Bush (and the Right) were quite critical of Clinton's negotiating tactics with the regime in Pyongyang, arguing that despotic states make unstable, untrustworthy negotiating partners.

As the WSJ put it in today's edition, 'Now the Bush team has opened the door to the possibility of holding similar talks with Iran -- not direct talks, but as part of an international dialogue already started by America's European allies. Indeed, these talks could ultimately lead to an agreement like the one the Clinton team reached with North Korea.'


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