Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pastors Endorsing Candidates

A PASTOR IN Minnesota has created quite a stir by publicly endorsing a candidate who is running for Congress. The candidate, Michele Bachmann, told church-goers a few weeks ago that she had been called by God to run for Congress and that God is now specifically focused on her race. After her speech, the Pastor of the Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minn. told the congregation that churches couldn't officially endorse candidates. But he then went on to say, "But I can tell you, personally, that I'm going to vote for Michele Bachmann.

Is this a violation of the 503b tax exempt status given to religious organizations?
Town Hall and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington have some thoughts.

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At 11/01/2006 1:59 AM, Blogger Johnny said...

I'd think that any statement of preference by a church official naming a candidate explicitly made from the pulpit during worship would be construed by congregants and attendees as electioneering.

From what I understand discussing issues is fine but discussing candidates is off limits.

So that statement would be an endorsement right?


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