Friday, August 05, 2005

Dem Strategy: We Love You Mr. Roberts?

If the Democrats really want to take the Supreme Court nomination issue and turn it into an advantage for their party they should all begin to do one thing: tell everyone how much they love John Roberts!

Here's the take from Just Inside the Beltway.

Look, this nominee is about as good as democrats could have hoped for from this administration, so why waste energy (not to mention Bush's favorite term --"political capital") fighting him. There seems to be little doubt that he will be confirmed so dems could really pull a number on Republics -- particularly those on the far right -- by embrasing him with open arms. Think about how chapped conservatives would be if every democrat in the Senate was praising the nomination of BUSH'S choice for the Supreme Court every chance they got. They wouldn't know how to react. Those talking points that Karl Rove is working on would suddenly need to be altered a bit. Soon poor George would have a small mutiny on his hands as the likes of Ralph Reed and James Dobson would show up at the White House door demanding to know why he had nominated someone that the democrats like so much.

The democratic party has one serious problem (OK, maybe more than one -- but this is the one I'm focusing on right now): they are seen as cry-babies who dislike anything George Bush does --no matter what. If Bush rescued a pregnant woman from a rushing river, some liberals would say, "Um...she had a purse!" This may play well on Martha's Vineyard, but it's killing the party in the red states. If Democrats are smart they will begin the process of reversing this perception right now.

Politics is a game and you win by out-maneuvering your opponnets whenever you can. Not necessarily by beating them everytime, just out-maneuvering them. Bush made a pretty savvy play by nominating Roberts to begin with; now it's up to the Democrats to counter with a savvy play of their own.


At 8/08/2005 11:39 AM, Blogger jcescriven said...

i always thought this was a good move as well. my view is to confirm this quickly and use the energy when the chief justice spot opens up. that spot carries a little more weight.


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