Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Marion Barry -- Partying Like it's 1990?

AH, IT'S LIKE old times here in Washington. With news today that former DC Mayor Marion Barry was found to have cocaine in his sytem during a drug test last fall, many DC residents are remembering back to 1990 -- the year Barry was seen smoking crack cocaine on a police video (yes, that's a picture of it on the left). It was such a proud time for DC residents. Relive the 'glory' in today's story from the Post. I'm just waiting to find out which bitch set him up this time.

Barry is now in a bit of hot water because it turns out he forget to pay taxes for a few years. It's not smoking crack on national television, but apparently it enough to get the Feds breathing down your neck.

And just last week Barry was robbed at gunpoint by two youths in Southeast DC. After helping him carry in some grocery bags, they came back with a gun and robbed him of all his cash. Of course, there were no witnesses and no one saw the boys helping him with his bags. Not that I would ever suggest Barry is making up the story -- you know, to give him some good press just weeks before his court date on tax evasion charges and days before news is released about his positive drug test.

Oh, and in case you didn't know. Marion Barry serves on the DC Council as a representative of Ward 8. Yes, Marion Barry won a political election just over one year ago.

It's enough to make anyone pround to be a DC resident.


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