Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Will Someone Please Give Ann Coulter a New Act

JUNE IS UNOFFICIALLY the month when the world doesn't care about anything but the World Cup. With any luck then, most of the world will miss Hurricane Coulter, the Cat 5 storm that hit Fox News this week. And in typical Fox News style, Coulter is on the channel almost every day, shilling for her new book. But don't worry, the coverage is 'Fair and Balanced,' thanks in part to hard hitting questions from Sean Hannety and Allan Colmes. (My favorite questions was from Hannety: 'Ann, aren't you being demonized by the liberals?' Wow, hope she was ready for that fastball.) Coulter, of course, is loving the attention that her new controversial book is getting ($$$). Of course, this only helps prove my theory that the only way she can sell books is by swimming to the bottom of the barrel and scraping up the reckless, biting commentary that even far-right operatives won't touch. Without the controversy, no one cares about her opinion -- that is clear. But hey, she's whoring herself to the frenzied media and it's working. God Bless America.

Some other items of interest for this week:
  • Fairly good (and not necessarily negative) column about Ann Coulter by NYT's David Carr (of course, you have to have a password to read it. Damn you, New York Times!)
  • A convention in Las Vegas for liberal bloggers. Tell the hookers to get ready -- these socially challenged, unattractive, internet hermits will be looking for some action.
  • A former student of mine has a full-page piece in the USA Today about the Volvo Ocean Race.


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