Friday, September 29, 2006

Foley's Friday Afternoon Trash

FRIDAY IS 'TRASH day' in Washington -- the day bad news is released to the public with hopes that it will get lost in the weekend papers. Somehow I don't think this Rep. Mark Foley's trash is going to go unnoticed.

From The Fix:

Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) today resigned from Congress, putting his congressional seat up for grabs just 39 days before the election.
Foley has represented the 16th District since 1994 and has regularly been mentioned as a potential candidate for statewide office. He was a candidate for the U.S. Senate briefly in 2003 before dropping out, citing his desire to spend more time with his parents.
His abrupt decision to step down from his seat comes one day after ABC News reported the existence of e-mails sent by Foley last fall to a 16-year-old boy who formerly served as a congressional page. In the messages, Foley reportedly asked the boy what he wanted for his birthday and requested that the boy send a photo of himself to Foley. (The St. Petersburg Times caught up with the boy some time ago but waited to report on it until today.)
Foley's departure is likely to create havoc for Republicans in the district. The district carries a Republican tilt -- President George W. Bush won it with 54 percent in 2004. But given the controversy and press attention likely to engulf Foley, this seat could well emerge as a late-breaking opportunity for Democrats.

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At 9/30/2006 8:48 AM, Anonymous Paige J said...

This story is going to get bigger. Reports know suggest House leadership knew of these contact up to a year ago.

At 10/01/2006 11:10 AM, Anonymous Alexander said...

Oh, Foley did more than just that. . .

Foley is the Republican co-chair of a House caucus on missing and exploited children. Now read this IM chat between Foley (Maf54) and the boy (Xxxx...) in light of that. Why is this guy not in jail?

As Slate says, it's pretty clear why Foley hit alt delete on his career. In addition, it's morally reprehensible if the GOP leadership sat on the evidence.


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