Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Step Down Denny, Says the WaTimes.

AS I'VE SAID many times in this space, I read the Washington Post every day. But it's the other daily newspaper in town that is making news this morning -- the Washington Times.

The Times is a conservative newspaper with about 1/3 the circulation of the Post. But it has a great deal of influence because it is viewed as an alternative to the 'liberal' Post. In today's editorial, the right-leaning paper demands that Speaker Hastert resign.

The fact that the WaTimes beat the WaPost in demanding Hastert's resignation should not go unnoticed. Republicans are in deep trouble if they don't rush to the front of this story. It may be too late (depending on who knew what when), but any attempt to defend the House leadership if they in fact sat on this story, will be complete disaster for the GOP.

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