Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prediction Time

IT'S TIME FOR predictions! Not mine, mind you, but those who do this kind of thing for a living. Larry Sabato is up first -- his predictons are printed in his column today at RCP. Sabato's Predictions:
  • House: Dems +27 for a 230-205 majority
  • Senate: Dems +6 for a 51-49 majority

Hmmm. This is clearly an optimistic prediction if you're a Democrat. To get to 51 in the Senate the Dems need to pick up two of the three 'big' races (TN, VA, MO), and that could be a tough task. With Ford losing a bit of ground in Tennessee, Webb and McCaskill will have to pull out victories if the Democrats hope to gain control. And let's not forget that this all assumes Democrat victories in PA, OH, RI, MD, and NJ. And in case you've already chalked-up MD for Cardin, take a look at the most recent polls: Steele is within 3 or 4 point now.

JIB will keep close tabs on the predictions of the prognosticators. Stay tuned.

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