Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Democrats Picking a Theme

With the Republican party reeling from an unpopular war, numerous scandals, and a Supreme Court nominee with only slightly better creditials than your average personal injury lawyer, the Democrats are preparing to unveil their slogan for the 2006 election cycle. The Hill is reporting that members of the Dem caucus are meeting behind closed doors to discuss the new slogan. The choices: "Together, We Can Do Better" or "Together, America Can Do Better."


The Democrats are in desperate need of direction and need to take advantage of the mess the Repulicans have created for themselves. Some inside the party are worried that Americans think of the Democrats as having no real ideas and no plan to lead the country forward.

Well, duh? Just Inside the Beltway has been thinking that for nearly a decade. If you need proof of how disconnected the Dems are, just consider these slogans that have only recently been rejected:

  • "Vote Democrat -- it's the only other option you have."
  • "We don't know what we would have done different in Iraq, but you can bet your ass we would have done things a lot different."
  • "Sorry, we kind of blew that John Kerry thing."
  • "Damn you, Ohio."
  • "Vote Democrat -- we can't screw things up much more."
  • "Bill Clinton Rules"
  • "Tony Blair belongs to England's version of the Democratic Party -- that's got to mean something."

Democratic leaders have been testing the phrases in speeches during recent months. Nancy Pelosi used it in reference to the Katrina relief effort; Durbin used it on Fox news just last week; and Maria Cantwell used is during an Oct. 1 radio address.

Get ready. "Together, America Can Do Better" is about to come to a political rally near you.


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