Friday, October 21, 2005

Tom DeLay is No Nick Notle

Just Inside the Beltway has been away for a few weeks. How nice to return to a fresh new celebrity mug shot -- this one courtesy of the state of Texas. I'm sure Democrats were crouched by their Blackberries and laptops hoping to see a Nick Notle-like shot of the former Republican Whip. How disappointed they must have been to see this:

This is DeLay's mugshot? This is how I would expect him to look if he just found out Barney Frank has AIDS. Where did the Texas authorities take this photo, at Glamour Shots? I know DeLay is trying to put a good spin on the fact that this is a mug shot, but come on -- try to tone it down a little bit. I'm not suggesting DeLay should go for the Nick Notle look, but how about something with a little less cheese. Oh, and if you missed the Notle mugshot -- here's a look. Folks, we need makeup in here right away!


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