Friday, January 13, 2006

JIB Notes

AS THE LONG weekend approaches, there are several stories that are worth following in the comming weeks:

  • Maryland is taking on Wal-Mart in an attempt to force them to pay more to their employees for health insurance. The Plank has some insights on the issue. [NYT,] [WaPo]
  • When Dems fight with Republicans every two years for seats in Congress it usually produces pretty good theatre. But nothing comes close to a big battle between members of the same party! That's why you've got to love the Blout-Boehner fight currently taking place on the Hil. Yesterday, Blount (R-MO) all but guaranteed victory in the fight to succeed Tom Delay -- claiming he already had over 100 votes in his corner. With only 116 needed he issued the press release with the following title: "Blount Nears Finish Line." Of course, Boehner (R-OH) also claims his vote count is "gaining momentum". [WaPo]
  • John Marshall wonders, as the House begins to clean house, why isn't Dennis Hastert's head on the chopping block?
  • The Redskins are still alive in the playoffs. That's good news for anyone in Washington trying to lay low in terms of their media coverage (Yes, that means you Conrad Burns; and you William Jefferson; and you too Congressman Ney). The Post is currently in 'All Redskins All the Time' mode. It will continue until the Skins lose.


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