Monday, June 19, 2006

Lieberman-McCain/McCain-Lieberman '08?

IF RECENT POLLS are accurate (and I'm not saying they are), both Joseph Lieberman and John McCain are in a bit of trouble within their own party. A recent Rassmusen poll shows that Lieberman is losing ground in his own Senate bid in Connecticut. McCain has no worries in terms of his Senate seat, but Republicans -- especially the talking heads and the Christian Coalition types -- are not anxious to see him as the nominee.

That brings me to my point: both Dems and GOPers have hinted -- joked, really -- that Lieberman and McCain could both run as Independents. So, could we see a McCain-Lieberman or Lieberman-McCain ticket? And, more importantly, could a viable third party ticket be just what our political system needs right now?


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