Monday, August 28, 2006

Religion and Foreign Affairs

I SEEM TO be on a bit of 'religion & politics' kick right now. A friend of mine who works on Capitol Hill forwarded an interesting article to me from Foreign Affairs written by Walter Russell Mead (a fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations here in DC.) The article examines how fundamentalists, liberal christians, and evangelicals view US foreign policy. Read the article here.
For a lot more on religion and politics, visit my friends at Spectrum Magazine.


At 8/30/2006 11:43 PM, Blogger Johnny said...

Good find!

At 9/06/2006 4:20 PM, Anonymous Alexander said...

My brother recommended the article and I just read it. In addition to being a fair-minded historical overview of Christianity and American politics, I thought the best part was the section regarding Christians and Israel. Mead does well to point out that "liberal" Christians were early proponents for a seperate Jewish state, but that has slipped as the Palestinians have appealed to their sense of justice. With increased US government support for Israel, there has been some conspiratorial talk about the powerful Israel lobby in DC, but Mead does a good job in explaining the US tilt as due less to the Jewish lobby, and more to do with evangelical theology and political power.

Thanks for the Spectrum Blog shout out.


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