Tuesday, January 31, 2006

OK, SO I'M watching a bit of the speech -- while doing a bit of work on the computer. So disregard my previous post.

9:12 - what, no mention of Palestine among the 'new democracies'?
9:25 - Bush wants to 'defeat our enemies'. Why don't more people bring up the point that fighting 'terrorism' ensures that we cannot win, in the strictest sense of the term. Will we ever reach the point where terrorism is not a threat? No. Therefore, doesn't it follow that we will always be at war? Apparently.
9:28 - I'm going to turn off the TV is Bush licks his lips one more time.
9:30 - OK, that's it. I'm listening on the radio.
9:31 - Is it possible that Ted Kennedy is fatter than I think he is?
9:31 - I see the POTUS staff didn't solve the 'nuculer' problem.
9:38 - More immigrants! More immigrants! More immigrants!
9:43 - Why do we go through with this charade each year? Can't we take a cue from our Parliamentary friends in Britain and simply have a 'Prime Minister's Questions' time for our our own government. It's such better theatre. Can you imagine Bush squaring off each week with...um...whoever happens to leading the Democrats right now. (It's not still Pelosi is it?)
9:48 - 'America is addicted to oil.' Ya think?
9:50 - 'The beginnings of reform and democracy in the Palestinian territories are now showing the power of freedom to break old patterns of violence and failure.' Oops. I snuck this one in. This is actually from last year's SOTU. You can bet the farm you won't hear this line this year!
9:58 - What? No more free meals from Abramoff?
9:59 - One hour is all the time I can give to this. I can always read the transcript here.
10:01 -- Wait. It's over? I keep forgeting that GW Bush is no WJ Clinton.


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