Friday, June 30, 2006

Weekend Roundup

FLAG BURNING, MILITARY tribunals, World Cup, and a lot more...
  • The Dems can't beat the Republicans at anything! Not even baseball. [Roll Call]
  • Freakonomics always has a uniqe way to look at an issue. Here, it looks at an interesting statistical development in the Duke rape case.
  • Hinduism, meet soccer. Soccer, meet Hinduism. [photo]
  • 'Somalia defeats Rowanda to win Third-World Cup.'[The Onion]
  • Is the United States winning the war on terror? Not according to more than 100 of America‚Äôs top foreign-policy hands. They see a national security apparatus in disrepair and a government that is failing to protect the public from the next attack. [FP]


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