Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'll have to Watch from France

BECAUSE I AM moving to France in about 2 weeks, I'll have to make this my last post here. From now on I will be at a new blog called French for a While. And what a shame that I won't be 'inside the Beltway' during the Primary season.

But that won't stop me from paying close attention from afar. To close I thought I'd put a couple of quick thoughts down before I go:
  • I know Rudy is a sexy pick right now, but -- as I've told some friends -- I see him as a one-trick pony. Everything is about 9/11 and terrorism. I just get the feel that he will answer every question through the lense 9/11. This will get old and the other candidates, if they are smart, will begin to pounce on this. He has no shot to win in Iowa (not conservative enough) and almost no shot in NH. Rudy's strength is at the national level, but the primary system doesn't treat 'national-first' candidates very well. Good luck Rudy, but I'm not betting on you.
  • I like John McCain, but I liked him better in 2000.
  • Clinton-Obama. If Barak wins early it's curtains for Hillary -- it's that simple. I think Dems really want to vote for Obama (and they're looking for an excuse NOT to vote for Hillary) but they aren't sure he can win in a national election. If he can pull out victories in Iowa and NH, and therefore prove he can win, Dems will jump off the Hillary bandwagon quicker than you can say Madame President.
  • Mike Huckabee is by far the most interesting Republican to listen too. He's funny, articulate, and common sense isn't a foreign concept to him.
  • If I was voting for the person who looks the most presidential I'd vote for Mitt Romney. If he doesn't get the nomination I hope he stars in the next NBC White House drama.
  • How am I supposed to take Chris Dodd seriously?
  • Biden: probably knows more about foreign policy than anyone in the field -- but he has zippy chance of finishing in the top 3 in any Dem primary.
  • Is John Edwards hoping for another VP slot?
  • I love the nerdy character Denis Kucinich used to play on Saved by the Bell?

It's tough to make a prediction, but if had to go with a choice today I'd say:

  • Democratic Nominee: Barak Obama
  • Republican Nominee: John McCain

As my least favorite sports talk show host would say: I'm Out!