Wednesday, November 16, 2005

JIB Gossip

IT IS ALWAYS a shame when business gets in the way of leisure. An 8-day business trip doesn't always create an environment where Just Inside the Beltway can update itself on a regular basis. Thus is life. While we were away:

Just Inside the Beltway gossip.
  • Now it's Woodward's turn to reveal what he knew and when he knew it. [Wash Post]
  • Alito argues for the difference between a political job and an advocacy job -- and in Diane Feinstein's office, no less. [CNN]
  • Time for Bush to visit his closest allies -- so it's off to Mongolia. That's right, our staunchest ally at moment appears to be Mongolia. [Wash Post]
  • Will oil execs change their tune if they testify under oath? Senate Dems seem to think so.
    [Breitbart News]
  • Patrick Fitzgerald gets a spot in People's 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue -- but under the heading 'Smart Guys'. Is that like saying a woman has a 'great personality'? [Reliable Source]
  • Cheney is blasting critics again. But why shouldn't he? Isn't it obvious that those who even question administration policies are Al-Qaida operatives? We say round-up all the sons-of-bitches who disagree with BushCheney and throw them in Gitmo. We'll all be better off. [TPM]


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