Thursday, February 02, 2006

SOTU Already in the Review Mirror

MY GUESS IS that the average State of the Union Address gets about 36 hours of play. After that, no one remembers (or cares) unless you happen to be FDR in '33 or JFK in '61. With that in mind, here's some interesting commentary from some of talking and writing heads:

  • Conservative babe Peggy Noonan thinks Bush was lecturing a bit. She also wishes Hillary had a better sense of humor.
  • Conservative blimp Bob Novak can't help but wonder why Bush seems to be promoting a bigger government.
  • Conservative nerd George Will sees two problems facing Bush: one political, one conceptual. (I, on the other hand, only see one problem with George Will: I can't read his columns without a dictionary).
  • Liberal wack-jobs from around the country chime in as well. More to come.

Couple of final notes of my own on SOTU:

  • Did anyone else notice that the when Bush mentioned that Hammas must disarm and disavow their desire to eliminate Isreal, the cutaway shots all went to Lieberman? I guess the cue for the cameramen at that moment in the speech was 'find a Jew.'
  • I hate to get crass, but The Daily Show had a great line to describe Hillary's look when Bush made the 'two of my dad's favorite people' joke. Jon Stuart described the look as 'the place where boners go to die.'
  • I want to like Tim Kaine -- but the eyebrows. Wow. Those things are distracting.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that this speech -- with only a few changes -- could have been given in any of the past 3 years? I'm looking for vision and I'm not finding it.


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